Maxence Horvath

About Maxence

Maxence is the young talent of Powder Guides. He grew up near Marseille, with the rock walls of the Calanques and Buoux as a playground, which helped him get quickly to a good rock climbing level. Fascinated by cities and nature at the same time, he knew at a very early age what he wanted to be: an architect, but also a mountain guide. So by being both, he made his existence what he really wanted it to be.

As an architect, he got the chance to work in New York, Barcelona and Rotterdam and therefore speaks fluent English, Spanish, and some bits of Dutch.

Today, although mountaineering takes a lot of his time, he does not forget his architectural background, and designs houses on his spare time.

He has a good sense of group dynamics and knows how to make a day fun. He is open to a good conversation with a coffee at the hut. He is an outstanding waterfall climber and loves ski touring.

He, like all Powder Guides, really enjoys teaching his guests what he knows, which is the best aspect of the profession to him.

Maxence, the charming young guide who loves sharing original and open points of view!