Ski & Sail expedition to the Palmer peninsula


Week 48 22 November - 20 December 2020



Price indication:
. € 16.000,- (with reservation)


2 february - 3 march

. all accommodates in hotels with breakfast and diner
. all days full-service and fully pension on the Tarka.
. 2 guides
. boadtrip
. safetyequipement (transceiver-shovel-probe)
. organizational costs

Not included:
. flight to Santiago and Punta Arenas in Chili
. flight to Ushuaia retour
. gear
. avalanche airbag
. travel insurance

. 6 participants per 2 guides


  • Descend
  • Ascend
  • Physical condition

January and is the right time to sail to the continent of silence. This extraordinary 28-day journey goes to one of the lost corners on our rounded planet Earth. There, the dazzling beauty of the sharp peaks in the ocean will call an irreversible desire to defy them. Whales will swim along our boat. Are you up to experience the magic of the South Pole?

We will fly to Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia and then travel to Ushuaia.
The aluminum sixty foot yacht named Tarka and his experienced skipper Olivier Lehec are now part of Cape Horn’s landscape, and they will welcome us on board with great pleasure. The boat, which will host us all nights, is equipped with great comfort.

From southern Patagonia will we sail via Cape Horn, South Shetland Islands and King George Islands to the Peninsula Mountains in the northwest of Antarctica. The Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost part of the continent of Antarctica and points straight to South America. The Peninsula mountains are made of many islands and inlets and are part of West Antarctica.
We will sail for two weeks along the western coast of this beautiful peninsula and go inland for skiing or spotting wildlife: transient orcas, humpback and fin whales, elephant seals, sea lions and seals, king penguins...

If a storm comes up in the famous Drake Passage, we will have to wait in the safe harbor of Ushuaia. We can then do some sailing in the Beagle Bay, go to Puerto Williams, the southernmost town in the world, where we will see a lot of sea lions and seals. Hiking in the mountains behind Ushuaia is a nice alternative if it remains stormy for several days. No matter what, the final decision will lie in the skipper’s hands at this point. If you have too little time, or no will to do too much sailing, there is a possibility to fly directly to King George Island with a private flight on a Bombardier 31A jet – expensive, but might be worth it!

When there will be a good weather window, we will head towards the King George island, and go from there for a first exploration. We will sail through the Bransfield Strait to Deception Island and see for the first time West Antarctica’s mainland. Then, we will head south towards Nansen island, and drop our anchor. Orcas and whales are a very common thing around there. From this point, we have ten days to explore most of Cuverville Islands on skis, sometimes with an access by motorized boat.

Snowshoes can also be used sometimes to go see some penguins’ colonies. We will sail quietly and take the time to go ashore with the zodiac whenever we see an interesting spot. We will also visit the Vernadsky base where scientists conduct research into the ozone layer. Around January 20 will we reach Paradise Bay. Via Two Hummock Island and King George Island, we will head back north to South America. We will finish the trip a few days later, and fly back home.

In addition to the skipper and the second skipper (also cook), two mountain guides will be with you. Antarctica is quite remote (this is an understatement) and therefore two guides is the minimum required to ensure everyone’s safety in these glaciated mountains. There is space for six participants. Pierre Muller will be one of the mountain guides, and the leader of the expedition. He is an experienced polar explorer and also a trauma doctor.

This trip is deliberately long, so that we will not be stressed out or rushed in case we are forced to wait for a few days on land because of the weather.
The Tarka is a 60-foot sailing vessel that can host 10 people. Look up on for a virtual visit of the boat. In Ushuaia, we will stay in a comfortable hotel.

The Tarka is not a cruise ship with private cabins: it has bunk beds, shower, kitchen and toilet on board. Sufficient comfort, but limited privacy. This trip has been designed for adventurers who want to travel to Antarctica as in yesteryear like Scott or Shekleton.
This trip is made for adventurers with social and mental qualities, as it can require a lot of energy and self-control sometimes.

A travel insurance covering mountaineering and/or alpine activities is compulsory. This insurance must cover all levels of avalanche conditions guided by a UIAGM mountain guide. Please note that some insurances do not cover back-country skiing. A travel insurance covering mountaineering and/or alpine activities is compulsory. Please send us your insurance details as soon as possible.



High quality

Our maximum group size is 6 people per guide and in rougher, more exposed alpine terrain, this number will be decrease even more. This allows us to make no concessions on quality or safety, and to give every guest enough personal space and attention to improve.


PowderGuides consists a team of international certified mountain guides with each 1000plus hours of expertise in the immense terrain. With no lost of enthusiasm they will improve your skills of freeriding and touring very fast, but they are also involved in professional training. And this last point makes them up to date on every latest trick in the profession.


All the guides speak several languages as French, German and English. If you have any question about your trip you can contact us by phone in the office or send us an email in English, French or Dutch.


What can we do for you? Although you’ll find many explanations on our Frequently Asked Questions page below. Please use the inquiry form via the contact page for customer support and service, general and specific inquires for any help.